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What is Type Converter?

Sometimes, we would want to take complete control over the conversion of one data type to another. Suppose we have the following model:

export class Source {
value1!: string;
value2!: string;
value3!: string;

and we would like to map it to:

export class Destination {
value1!: number;
value2!: Date;
value3!: boolean;

If we were to try and map Source to Destination as-is, we would end up with mismatch values and types on the Destination. For example, Source.value1 will be mapped to Destination.value1 even though the types of each value1 are different. Instead of throwing an error, AutoMapper will map as-is to respect the dynamic nature of JavaScript. To control the conversions for these types when the properties are matching, we need to supply Type Converters to a specific Mapping

Call typeConverter() in a createMap() to supply a Type Converter to the Mapping

typeConverter(String, Date, (str) => new Date(str)),
typeConverter(String, Number, (str) => parseInt(str, 10)),
typeConverter(String, Boolean, (str) => Boolean(str))

Here, we're telling AutoMapper:

  • If you are mapping from a String to a Number, use parseInt()
  • If you are mapping from a String to a Date, use new Date()
  • If you are mapping from a String to a Boolean, use Boolean()
const source = new Source();
source.value1 = '123';
source.value2 = '10/14/1991';
source.value3 = 'truthy';

const destination =, Destination, Source);
* Destination {
value1: 123, // number
value2: Mon Oct 14 1991 00:00:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time), // a Date instance
value3; true // boolean
* }

Properties (on the Destination) that are subject to Type Converters will be treated as-is in the mapping pipeline. In other words, they will be mapped like a primitive and will NOT go through any automatic nested mapping even if the properties' types are Object types.

Type of Type Converters

There are 4 types of Type Converters:

  • Type -> Type: This is what we've just used above. A single Type to another single Type
  • Type -> [Type]: AutoMapper can also set up Type Converter from a single Type to an Array Type.
  • [Type] -> Type: The opposite is also true
  • [Type] -> [Type]: Last but not least, AutoMapper can set up Type Converter between two Array Types.
// a more complex example
typeConverter(String, Number, (str) => parseInt(str) + 1),
typeConverter(String, Boolean, (str) => Boolean(str)),
typeConverter(String, Date, (str) => new Date(str)),
typeConverter([String], [Number], (manyStrs) => => parseInt(str))
typeConverter(DateString, String, (dateStr) => dateStr.toDateString()),
typeConverter(TimestampString, String, (timestampStr) =>